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coconut tree dream meaning

It also refers to your intellectual capacities. Vision: Eating figs means expectations and hopes in matters of love will be fulfilled soon. Most of the authors agree that the pine tree symbolizes longevity and immortality, like all evergreens, but with the pine this aspect is highlighted by the incorruptibility of its resin. This dream symbolizes that you are overwhelmed with the events in your life. The more graceful the fall, the more likely you will benefit from where you wind up. Mystic Dream Book. Dream about the fir tree or a spruce forest is an excellent omen. 2- The roots of a tree are said to show our connection with ourselves and the earth. Perhaps you feel depressed or exhausted…. The coconut is still one of the main components of the diet of Chamorro’s.
Mystic Dream Book. But if for any reason you don’t manage to get to the top, or if the ladder breaks, this indicates the opposite and risks will be higher. The dreamer looks at this by having the baby fall out of the tree. Sometimes it also indicates a need for protection. • They occur when we feel the ground beneath us has given way, or when we’re feeling particularly vulnerable or insecure as happens when we fall in love or fall out with someone. Among artists or intellectuals, dreaming of a beautiful forest indicates getting additional acknowledgement. See Reed.... Dreamers Dictionary, Depth Psychology: The pear—like the apple—is a sexual symbol. But if the tree is weak and without leaves, you are not on track and you lack sufficient experience to undertake your life’s purpose. Going down a cliff means you should consider your subconscious mind. If one suffers from a headache in a dream, he should repent for his sins, refrain from what he is doing, distribute money in charity, observe voluntary religious fast, seek a spiritual retreat, or strive to do good deeds. It may also indicate a time of giving, and by association the ability to enjoy the present. If this occurs, it is important to remember the circumstances of the fall in your dream, as this will help you understand its hidden message.

Palm trees seen in your dreams, are messages of hopeful situations and happiness of a high order. Many cultures have a mythological Tree of Life, including that of the ancient Hebrews, Assyrians, Babylonians, and the Norse. 3:18... Christian Dream Symbols, Tree. You may be experiencing some anxieties and stress in your home life. Depth Psychology: The tree is the tree of life.
If you are in good health it is a happy and very positive omen that speaks of love and marriage. Gypsy Dream Dictionary. See also Beheading.... A Dictionary of Dream Symbols. The turns and curves they have represent the difficulties that you find on the way. If limbs are in your way: expect difficulty on the job. True and loyal friendships. You are someone others can lean on when they have a need. Perhaps the dream is urging you to stop resisting an impulse from the unconscious. Coconut – Dream Meaning. Losing one’s head in a dream means carelessness, heedlessness, or inability to properly manage one’s interests. ... New American Dream Dictionary. Likewise, dreams of drowning relate to our inborn need to breathe for survival. If one knows his assailant in the dream, it means receiving wealth at his hand. The figs and the fig tree symbolize abundance and fertility, unless the fig tree is dry, then it becomes a symbol of poverty and sterility. The tree depicts the living structure of our inner self. Mystic Dream Book, Dreams of a waterfall signify surrender, and that you are cleansing, purifying, and having a having an emotional catharsis.

Drawing water from the well and irrigating the roots of a tree means the person will utilize his wealth in bring up orphans and educating them.... Islamic Dream Interpretation.

2. ... New American Dream Dictionary, If you dream that your own head is thus afflicted, you are in danger of personal illness or accidents. Buddha contemplated and reached enlightenment sitting under the Bodi tree. The branches are the abilities, directions and many facets we develop in life—varied and yet all connected in the common life process of our being. Alternatively, it could suggest ambition in your professional life or the desire for safety or refuge, as when you climb a tree to escape. See house; abyss; chasm. Need to center through meditation to get back on target. • Birch tree: The birch tree signifies wisdom and naked beauty. Falling dreams often reflect a sense that one has failed or “fallen down” in life. The next day she received a call from America to say her son had been shot in the head three times by a gunman. Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation, A christian; see “evergreen”... Dream Dictionary Unlimited. Generally, coconut nuts in dreams are positive symbols, and if you dream of eating juicy coconut nuts, it’s often a sign that you want to draw attention to yourself. A waterfall can be a place of peace and rest during life’s journey. If one’s head is hit with a stone in a dream, it means that he neglects to perform his night prayers before sleeping. • Fruit-bearing tree: A tree with ripe fruit is associated with accepting the bounty of life. To see yourself (or anyone else) with the head of an animal is a warning not to indulge too much in material or sensual pleasures. You are concentrating on your own individuation. The coconut tree is used for many purposes, and its fruit is large nuts, an exotic and unforgettable taste. Spiritually and in dreams, the tree is a symbol of the Tree of Life; an ancient idea common to many cultures and mythologies. Curving or crooked streets foretell surprises and travel. If we never master the fear we cannot ride. Family, holidays, thankfulness ... Christian Dream Symbols. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams. In general, then, falling represents loss of confidence; threat to usual sources of security such as relationship, source of money, social image, beliefs; tension.

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