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how to describe shame in writing

Performance became a way of life, hiding some disgusting or demeaning truth about who she was. If we don’t experience this then our emotions will end up feeling overwhelming and terrifying, and we’ll fragment or fall apart in the face of them. and What does dysregulation mean? This leads to us objectifying ourselves: evaluating ourselves from the outside as bad, assuming that others are always looking at us, and judging ourselves through others’ imagined eyes.
We know we are supposed to, we’ve been exhorted to since high school (if not before), and still we resist revision. We can tell rational stories that make sense of our experience, but when we can’t connect the emotional and rational brain it can feel – to us and others – like there’s a disconnect between what we’re saying and the experience of our being. Required fields are marked *, Reflections on writing center practice, research, and theory from the students, staff, alumni, and friends of the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. But we might also consider, here, the value of journaling, memoiring in various forms, sharing circles, spoken word nights, anything where we get to tell our stories, particularly anything that enables us to access the embodied, relational, and emotional aspects of our experience. From paralysis and writer’s block to frustration that disjointed ideas aren’t coming together, shame is often at the heart of students’ motivation to come see us. I’ve been thinking about shame and writing. However she believes that coming to terms with chronic shame can make life a lot more bearable than soldiering on oblivious. At the same time this shame-prone person could use various forms of dissociation to keep memories and experience of acute emotional pain completely out of her conscious awareness, and also to protect herself against any further shame-assaults on her self-cohesion.’. Another client kept a double life where he could be a happy enough family man, but on the side he kept engaging in risky sexual activities. They’ll need to be familiar with shame in order to work through such moments well with you, as well as to tolerate the times they make mistakes and to model the capacity to own these honestly, and make amends rather than being incapactated by shame. Now, Probyn is referring specifically to writing about shameful experiences, but her words ring true for writing of all kinds. However, Pat insists that shame in all its forms is relational. Of course, the list includes procrastination, lack of time, etc. I’m struck by how we can feel visceral shame when others won’t look at us, or drop their responsive expression when they look towards us. Plural tag: This post was by James and Beastie. After all, to be interested in your topic is to be open the possibility of failure, of not “making the writing equal to the subject.” As the student becomes more interested, he’s also more likely to face that fear that his words will not do justice to his idea. She teaches clients the ‘core story of shame’: ‘When you’re little and you need to be seen and understood, when you need to matter to someone and it seems you don’t, that hurts. This is something I’ve covered in my plural selves zine and FAQ, and will certainly be writing more about in relation to shame.

From this perspective, our position as interested readers can be generative. As I’ve mentioned here before, toxic levels of shame are a key element of developmental trauma and/or post-traumatic stress for many people – often combined with incapacitating fear. Shame makes good relationships extremely difficult because we experience everyone as potentially threatening – they could so easily disintegrate us. The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression has helped writers all over the globe, and it can help you. (72-73). But as tutors, we have no investment in the course topic; we are the “general reader.” And, again it is our job to be shamelessly interested. It requires us to relinquish some of the authority that comes with being a “writing expert” and for which students seek us out. ‘It’s no different, essentially, than attuning to any client’s different states of self, and in fact easier since here each “self” is so clearly delineated from the others.’. To navigate inevitable ruptures and repair them rather than being left in that disintegrated fallen apart state. Because others do not meet the whole of us – in all emotional states – in regulating ways, we don’t develop a coherent sense of ourselves and there is always the sense of threat that we might disintegrate or be annihilated. Powered by WordPress and Sliding Door theme. She demonstrates huge compassion for all those struggling with chronic shame, whether it manifests in ways that are easy to spot and work with, or a great deal harder as in cases where people attack others or shut down in the face of shame. Through telling these stories, we’re connecting up our understanding of ourselves with the emotional experience and memories that hold our sense of self together – the opposite of the kind of disintegration of self that we experience in shame. And so he repeats disconnection instead.’. Hours later, I bumped into this same student in the library; actually, she called out my name and ran across the library lobby. Very few people approach a therapist directly to help with shame because we tend to avoid and cover over shame so well. There may be a variety of reasons for this. This latter section completely undid me and I cried through my whole reading of it. With shame we may be able to tell logical narratives of our lives, but there can be a sense of something missing or it not all hanging together: it is cohesive but not coherent. Pat also describes an example of how relationships often play out when more than one person carries chronic shame: ‘Both shame partners bring to the relationship the hope that true love will erase their vulnerabilities and undo the deprivation of their childhood attachments. And then, for that other partner, the original trauma of not mattering seems to happen all over again. What can shame us then? Stephanie, thanks for sharing the links to Brené Brown’s talks.

Collapsing into shame makes it virtually impossible to empathise with others, or to accurately discern what is ours and what is theirs. To me, this says something about the courage of students who bring their writing to us in the first place. . by becoming good), and, Believing that we are not bad but that the world is chaotic, that our caregivers can’t contain us, and that we have no control.

If you scroll down in the sidebar, there is a box where you put in your email address and you’ll get our posts straight in your email. As writing tutors, we consider writers’ shame not infrequently. Connecting Writing Centers Across Borders, DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning, Eastern Illinois University Writing Center, The University of Michigan Sweetland Center for Writing. My chest hurt, it almost felt like when you get a stich in your side after you run for a while. In the writing center, shame manifests itself in a wide variety of “ills” that students present to us, their tutors. […] Brene Brown in her book Rising Strongdescribed shame as living with a rock on your chest. There’s a real sense of the intergenerational trauma that’s in play here: shame passed down through the generations. I’m wrong, bad, disgusting”. The full book is definitely worth checking out if you do enjoy grappling with big ideas, and I found Pat’s descriptions of her client-work some of the most generous, caring, and open that I’ve read. It feels like we are totally falling apart, and we are utterly desperate for anything to get rid of it. Writing your thesis may well be the biggest challenge of your academic career so far. Pat draws on Internal Family Systems Theory and Bonnie Badenoch’s idea of ‘internal community’. A flood of shame shut the system down’. Part of what we do as tutors is to ease shame. Thanks so much for this piece, Lauren. It can help with self-acceptance as we get to know ourselves deeply in all our states. We put the assignment aside and I asked her about the reading she was supposed to respond to. It’s important to recognise, however, that therapy isn’t available to all. Pat suggests that we might usefully tell our stories about how the following things were dealt with in our upbringings: communication, emotions, needs, mistakes, difference, achievements. After all, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if your audience is equally interested in what you have to say, interested enough to go with you into the messy confusion of your thought process. I build writing-in-community into my essay writing assignments, and the quality of writing I get–not the mention the ideas!–is all the better. Given that shame is relational, it probably does require experiencing a relationship like that in order to address it.

We push it down or cover it over with feelings that we can handle, and often these are all we know of shame. She has some great things to say about scholarly writing that are relevant to our professional writing in addition to how we communicate the purpose of academic writing to students. There is power in vulnerability; writing in community makes it most evident.

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