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trumps tarot card meaning

The first Tarot of Amber post identifies four of the characters of The Chronicles of Amber with Greater Trumps from the Major Arcana of a paranormal pack of tarot cards. In every case, the first meaning cited is Waite’s, the second being the official G.D. reading of the card. Speaking of the more day-to-day significance of The Wheel, Paul Foster Case invests it with the meaning: Destiny; good fortune; turn for the better. He renames Trump 2 The Gate of the Occult Sanctuary and presents the priestess as guardian of that gate.

Teaching. 19. Morley’s card has a French title but no French school of tarot associated Trump 4 with Aries, and in the nineteenth century, neither did any British or American school of tarot, apart from the Golden Dawn, whose attributions, at that time, remained a secret. 14. They used the Tarot de Marseilles which still works well with esoteric systems. Nowhere in The Key to the Tarot (or in the illustrated version, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot) does Waite express his own opinion as to the meanings of any of the cards belonging to either arcana. Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, also luxury and some­times dissipation, but only if with very evil cards. Occult Wisdom.

Motive-power and action, arising from Inspiration and Impulse. Something important is brewing in your life.

Usually denotes the actual subject of the question, and therefore depends entirely on the accompanying cards.

Justice – Equilibrium on the mental side rather than the sensuous, for which see No. Death – Contains naturally the meaning implied by its name and illustrated by its pictorial symbol, but not only and not at all of necessity; transforming force, independent of human will; may signify destruction; power behind the world which alters the face of the world, but it is this power in one of its respects only. (Sphinxes now draw the chariot, for instance.) Have you been experiencing a feeling of… Read More », If there’s one thing this year has done for many of us, it’s forced us to call upon our strength. 6. Other additions include the geometric figure on the angles breast and the haloed crown glittering in the distance.

For an in-depth exploration of each trump card look in the Iconography section. Any tarot deck is a journey, but Trump L’Oeil Tarot of Portmeirion represents an adventure of multiple nuances and layers. Instead he tells us what significances other authorities have assigned them. The Waite-Smith Trump 10 is a redrawing of the traditional illustration, in this instance relying heavily on Eliphas Levi’s re-envisioning of the card. Meanings more in line with those favored by Waite/Grand Orient – summons to new things, change in the face of everything, new life breathed into an old ambition – tended to be adopted in place of the G.D.’s ‘final decision, judgment, sentence.’ Crowley brings a degree of clarity to the matter with his description of the card’s meaning in his Book of Thoth: “Final decision in respect of the past, new current in respect of the future; always represents the taking of a definite step.” In practice, the first two significances frequently run together, affording the card an aura of ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Crowley writes of it in the same vein. 10. He wears the same headgear, holds the same scepter, as the Waite-Smith Emperor does; he faces out of the card and sits on a throne decorated with ram’s heads exactly as the Emperor does.

When he uses the phrase ‘earthly happiness’ Waite has material satisfaction in mind, e.g., riches or monetary gain.

Sometimes death and destruction, but rarely the latter, and the former only if it is borne out by the cards with it. The ‘Egyptian tarot’ presents the pillars either side of the priestess in different colors – white and black or black and red.

This discussion of the symbolism and significance of the Major Arcana has taken more space than I at first intended to allow it. The first shift occurred in the 19th century when French occultists added meanings associated with the Hebrew alphabet then tweaked the cards' imagery to conform to this overlay… Realisation. Eternal Justice and Balance. Change ). Receiving a tarot card reading is a beautiful and mystical experience that can help you better understand your unique journey through the spiritual, emotional, and physical world. Waite has his artist embellish the design with roses and lilies, a snake belt, and a change of costume that befits the magus’s new station in life.

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